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Live action role-play is a hobby of mine, and creating larp events that are deep, intense, weird, or otherwise evocative or transformative is to me a rewarding form of creative expression. Larp design requires skills in conceptualisation, creation, organising, administration, marketing, community building, creative writing, world building and much more. Here is a small selection of the events I have created and organised, and material for some of the smaller games are available for download. Larps can be simply fun or used in education or as team building exercises, if you are curious about it feel free to contact me :)

Fräls oss ifrån ondo

Såsom vi förlåta dem oss skyldiga äro, Herre, förlåt oss våra synder, och inled oss icke i frestelse, utan fräls oss ifrån ondo.

Fräls oss ifrån ondo is a live action role-playing game about sin, forgiveness and spiritual abuse set in a religious sect during its most challenging time. The premier took place in Ostrobothnia, 19-21 February 2016, but the event will be staged once again in Umeå (Sweden) 26-28.1.2018.
The language of the event was Swedish but plans exist to run the larp in English in southern Finland during fall 2018.



I, the Ever Highest, have summoned thee, the best of people, to choose amongst you – before the sand runs out – the one most humble, who will receive the greatest honour; lest the worst will occur. 

B A B E L is a chamber larp built on conversation, intrapersonal conflict and the juxtaposition of pride and humility. It is designed to be an intense experience, hoping to give the participants new insight into the complexity of pride and their own relationship with this deadly sin. Download and read the manuscript for more information.

Download: BABEL_firstedition.pdf


Did I fail you in that world outside this place Herein to light I say my last adieu In sadness I contemplate my fall from grace Alas – hoping to be born anew

Trash is a chamber larp where the participants take on the roles of trash in a trash bin. The trash bin functions as a metaphor for limbo and the game is a about the despair of being thrown away (dead) and the hope of being recycled (reborn). The game can be played either in a comical or a deeply philosophical way, or both… For more information download and read the manuscript.

Download: Trash_secondversion.pdf

Inipi – Rökandens återkomst

Inipi – Rökandens återkomst, or freely translated ‘Inipi – Return of the Smoke Spirit’, was a tribalistic and shamanistic larp where the participants tried to simulate a kind of sweat lodge ritual in a fictional culture. More than a larp it was an original experience where the participants covered themselves with mud a stayed silent throughout the game. The game was a re-run of the game Inipi from 2010 but many things were changed in order to create a better and more serious larp.

Pictures from the larp can be found here
And more information can be found here (Swedish)
Pictures from the the original 2010 run can be found here

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