Anders Karls

Scenographer, costume designer, artist, and a little bit of everything


I’m a young Finno-Swedish performance designer, artist and self-proclaimed doer-of-many-things. I’m a Master of Arts in theatre scenography graduated from Aalto ARTS in Helsinki.

I appreciate a good challenge and I like to experiment with new mediums and art forms. I consider myself a good problem solver and a warmhearted co-worker.

I have a strong interest in nature, science and mathematics from which I draw much inspiration, but I also have an appreciation for visual poetics and I can fearlessly dive into the grotesque and macabre. I believe that behind a good creative work lies an original and well developed idea.

As a larper and larp designer I also have a strong interest in immersive and participatory performances. I see these becoming increasingly more common and I wish I’ll be able to work with such work in the future. I believe that through participation and interaction any performance have the ability to become truly evocative and an instrument for social change.

Furthermore I try to be conscious about our environment and I believe that theatre, performance, and art have the ability to educate and inspire people to create a better future for us all.

Please look around my website to see some of my works, and my abridged CV for more information. If you have questions or are interested in working with me in some way I encourage you to contact me at:

Photo: Frank A. Unger

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