Anders Karls

a scenographer and costume designer


I am a freelancing scenographer and costume designer, with roots in rural Pohjanmaa. I aim to bring positivity, sensibility, and pragmatism to the process; and challenging solutions to the stage. I believe that great things can only be sustainably achieved with a good plan and a good team, in a positive work environment.

I graduated with a masters degree in design for the performing arts from Aalto university in 2018, but I have done work in professional theatres since 2012. Since then I have worked with both musicals, drama, and plays for children. I can almost say that my speciality is touring productions, repertoire theatre, and practical sets for challenging stages – Oh, how I long to design something messy!

I can never be satisfied doing just one thing. Diversity gives me inspiration and makes me a better theatre professional. During the summer I act on stage, and at the moment I try to be a playwright; maybe one day I also get the opportunity to direct. Before I was a designer I studied physics, before I was a nerd I wanted to be a priest. Now I am an artist and part time farmer – All experiences are material for the stage!

Please look around my website to see some of my works, and my abridged CV for more information. If you have questions or are interested in working with me in some way I encourage you to contact me at:

Photo: Frank A. Unger

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